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The mission of IndustrialCall.com Institute is to provide professionals the opportunity to develop professionally and receive continuing education credit through online classes to satisfy their federal and state code requirements.

License Agreement


Industrialcall.com grants you a nonexclusive, nontransferable license to use the online website. Under the terms of this license, the information contained on Industrialcall.com website may be modified to meet the needs of your plant specifics. You may not sublicense or otherwise transfer any of copies of Industrialcall.com materials.
There is no Installation requirement for the program. Clients are required to submit their request through Industrialcall.com website to be approved users. Payment of appropriate fees must be received before using this material in this site.

Topics of study

Industrialcall.com administrator will change the topics of study upon client request, which will create a customized study program. As soon as one becomes a member, she or he will receive a quick guide via email to help navigate the web site and an account manager will be available to assist 24/7 with any issues.

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